It began with just ONE product…

In 2008, SPECS Corp. drastically improved the quality of the HVAC industry in the Philippines.

By introducing and encouraging the use of Polyoefin as the new standard for insulating air-conditioning systems, as a replacement for fiberglass, SPECS Corp. forever improved the quality of the building industry.

This great feat sparked SPECS Corp.’s passion for being innovators in the industry, pushing them to continue to seek out better alternatives for building materials that are not only of greater quality but are also of high economic value.

With multiple products and brands currently under their belt, each carefully deliberated and tested, SPECS Corp. is proud to say that they have indeed raised the bar in terms of value for quality, money and resources.

Our History

While seemingly new in the construction industry, having been established in 2016, SPECS Corp. has a rich background and accumulated years of experience.

Starting from humble beginnings, a smaller but equally fruitful entity- SPECS Inc., first came into fruition in 2006 and paved the way for the construction commerce industry. With a greater purpose and goal in mind, SPECS Inc. was eventually sold off in 2011 and continues to thrive up until this day.

Having seen the need for diversity and the potential to add value to the fast paced and growing construction industry, even after many years, the original principals of SPECS Inc. once again decided to merge their knowledge and expertise in the industry and thus, SPECS Corp. was formed.

With the same principles, core values and desire to contribute and create an immortalizing impression in the construction industry, the HVAC industry especially- it is no doubt that when it comes to quality grade products and services that are budget friendly- SPECS Corp. is your trusted partner.

Our Mission

It is the objective of the company to be able to contribute to the general construction industry, the HVAC industry specially, proficient promotion of high-quality products and services that can conform to project requirements, both technically and economically.

Our Vission

The company has the following in its corporate chromosome:

1. The path to success will always be under the light of benevolence born out divine devotion.

2. Growth is the result of honest and professional commerce.

3. To be recognized as a competent and rational company is already an achievement.

4. The largest profit margin shall be measured by the satisfied lives and careers of the company personnel.