SPECS Corp has partnered with their sister companies, Airnovate and ZenEquipt to ensure the best after sale services to our beloved clients giving them a hassle free and swift experience.


Zenequipt is our service-oriented sister company, specializing in comprehensive facilities management and indoor air quality improvement. They provide a variety of solutions such as disinfection services (Odor control, air purification), ambient scenting, and advanced AI-driven facilities management to optimize building usage. As the implementation arm for Building Management Systems (BMS), Zenequipt ensures seamless integration and efficient operation, creating healthier and more pleasant environments.



Airnovate is our dedicated service arm for HVAC solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services. We specialize in the installation and operation of air conditioning equipment, maintenance of HVAC systems, and the installation and application of thermal insulation for both hot and cold surfaces. Our services also include residential air conditioning unit cleaning and maintenance, as well as supplying skilled manpower for construction, mechanical works, fit-outs, repairs, and refurbishments.

beez-fm Philippines

Beez-FM Philippines offers advanced facilities management utilizing AI to study demand and optimize building usage. Our comprehensive service covers HVAC, lighting, equipment, curtains, and guest room management systems (GRMS), going beyond conventional chiller plant management. With no capital expense and energy-saving contracts, Beez-FM ensures efficient and cost-effective building management.


Transforming spaces with smart solutions and superior service.