Our Brands

SPECS Corp. exclusively carries the following international brands under their belt

THERMOBREAK – thermal Insulators

HERZ – quality valves, controls for heating, cooling and domestic water systems

KUENLING – chillers

Accredited distributor of Thermobreak Physically Crosslinked Insulation
Since 2008
UL Listed, FM Approved

With Fire Ratings from British & Australian Standards
The only polyolefin product with a material warranty of 10 years


Practical uses:
1. Ducting Insulation
2. Piping Insulation
3. Wall Insulation
4. Raised Floor Insulation
5. Under slab Insulation
6. Outdoor Insulation (NOCLAD)

Accredited representative of Kuenling Chillers in the entire Philippines

On shore stocking of imported materials to ensure immediate relief and replacement of items

Customizable options for chillers with technological advancements such as: Mag Lev Compressors


Manufacturers of a full range of quality valves and controls for heating, cooling and domestic water systems

Assures a 5 year warranty covering parts, labour & consequential loss


HERZCon – drain valve package for FCUs
Reduces labor exponentially with no performance trade-offs

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