Our Brands

SPECS Corp. exclusively carries the following international brands under their belt

Accredited distributor of Thermobreak Physically Crosslinked Insulation
Since 2008
UL Listed, FM Approved

With Fire Ratings from British & Australian Standards
The only polyolefin product with a material warranty of 10 years


Practical uses:
1. Ducting Insulation
2. Piping Insulation
3. Wall Insulation
4. Raised Floor Insulation
5. Under slab Insulation
6. Outdoor Insulation (NOCLAD)

Accredited representative of Kuenling Chillers in the entire Philippines

On shore stocking of imported materials to ensure immediate relief and replacement of items

Customizable options for chillers with technological advancements such as: Mag Lev Compressors



Variable Air Volume (VAV) Control units are ideal for low and medium pressure applications. These units are suitable for both cooling and heating systems. The temperature can be preset on the electronic analogue/digital thermostat, which senses the room temperature and controls the VAV Unit. The required quantity of air to each zone is pumped in to the serving area based on the load requirement and the balance air bypassed through the bypass section of the VAV unit above false ceiling or to return air ducts.

  • Easy to install.
  • Can be used to add zone control to various areas of the existing building.
  • These units can easily be located to suit interior requirements.
  • These units are provided with integral inlet and bypass balancing dampers.
  • Special acoustic treatment helps to achieve low NC levels for various applications.
  • Design ensures low pressure drops on air side.
  • Electronic digital thermostat ensures precise temperature control.
  • Minimum air volume stop is provided which requires field adjustment to suit the application.
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